easyBo Photo Service –
Presenting product in customer’s own room photo.

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easyBo Photo Service

Give your customers the opportunity to load their own room photos
into your Interior Studio, where they can then configure them.

The easyBo Photo Service quickly and easily allows your customers to tell whether the new floor, tiles or wallpaper matches the room style. Rather than trawling through lengthy product descriptions, your customers can see how the floor and wall products will look in their own room before purchasing.

The easyBo Photo Service prepares the individual room photos for digital product presentation and configuration in your Interiorstudio. Your customers can then load the photos into Interiorstudio, and configure the product selection in the room photo. Flooring and wall materials can be changed according to functional fittings

Customer loyalty through
the easyBo voucher service

The voucher service enables volume-purchasing of room photos for the easyBo photo service. The vouchers can

  • be distributed directly to end customers in a manufacturer-specific manner in order to configure the product range in the customer photo,
  • be used in social media campaigns,
  • be distributed to service partners as a marketing campaign in conjunction with a central web application solution, or
  • be used as a marketing tool for a customer-loyalty chain between manufacturer – wholesaler – specialist dealer – end customer.

Learn about your customised options for using the easyBo Photo Service in your marketing.

Customised presentations in three steps


Step 1: Take photo and upload to the
easyBo Photo Service.

Step 2: ESIGN prepare the room photo for the floor or floor/wall presentations.

Step 3: Load prepared room photo into Interior Studio and configure product(s) in the room photo.


  • New intuitive user interface
  • Responsive design for use on Smartphones and tablets
  • Greater capacities and faster processing time
  • All conventional payment systems supported
  • Voucher system for digital marketing campaign
  • Greater selection of image sizes for the new-generation Interiorstudio

New easyBo Photo Service release

easyBo Photo Service - fast, simple, affordable. An 8-year success story, with a growing number of customers.

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