Rendering service


ESIGN Rendering service


On-demand marketing materials without any photo shoots or setup work – With the ESIGN Rendering service, we create new, printable marketing materials in a prompt, cost-effective manner to facilitate the designing of brochures, folders, trade fair flags etc.

Reusable product scans

Creating surface and ambiance photos quickly and cost-efficiently

Your product scans and room photos represent the data basis for the ESIGN Rendering service. From this combination, we produce new, print-ready surface and ambiance photos for you in a cost-efficient and timely manner for the design of brochures, collection folders, trade fair banners and other formats.

The Rendering service is suitable for all interior floor covering formats and surface materials. The many possible variations of product visualisation and the variable uses of different image formats provide you with a cost-efficient way to stage your products in a timely manner for all marketing levels and customized to your customer groups.

Create new surface/assortment photos

Variation options in generating surface/assortment photos

For floor coverings, the ESIGN Rendering service additionally offers the generation of surface/assortment photos from your product scans. In the first step, you determine the perspective and
choose between frontal view and angular perspective (view from an angle). For both photo perspectives, you can set the camera position as you like. You will determine e.g. the distance to
the floor, set the camera's angle of aperture (e.g. wide angle) and determine the angular perspective
of the camera to the floor.

The flexible lighting position allows you to perfectly light your products. You determine the number
and direction of light sources in order to highlight striking product properties. For bevels and surface structures with a three-dimensional appearance, the light reflections follow the path of the light source and impressively depict the characteristics in a natural manner.

Further information


Examples: Camera and light position

Create new ambiance photos

Presentation of floor coverings and surface materials in room photos

In order to depict the diverse design options for your products, the ESIGN Rendering service uses your product scans and gallery photos to generate new ambiance photos. Depending on the cut-out areas in the gallery photos, you can present floor coverings, wall and ceiling decorations as well as furniture surfaces in the ambiance photos and combine them with each other.


Example: Gallery photo and floor installation

The resolution of the printable images depends both on the resolution of the room photo and on the scan scale used in the product photos from the ESIGN Scan service. The gallery photos can also be reused for the gallery selection in our Interiorstudio presentation and product-configuration app.

Each ambiance photo can be generated exactly according to your requirements and edited subsequently
as needed (e.g. plank distribution, changing the bevel settings). The precise calculation of the camera position in the room ensures exact scaling of all products in each area. The product representation looks harmonious, natural and adjusts to the atmosphere of the original room photo thanks to the diverse colour and lighting designs.


The roomimage portal makes it easy to look for matching room themes and present your interiors products effectively. Our exclusive partner, Bluestudios, provides an image database which simplifies the search for suitable room photos for the ESIGN Rendering service and Interiorstudio.

Open roomimage

Benefits at a glance

Marketing materials

  • Flexible and dynamic production of
    new surface/assortment and ambiance photos.
  • Cost reduction during the production and localisation of multi-lingual print media.
  • Effective multiple use of all room photos and product scans for the production of new marketing materials.
  • No need for costly and time-
    consuming photo shoots and set-ups. Unique 24-hour service: You can react quickly to dealer inquiries and can provide customized support for your partners during the production of brochures and the design of marketing activities.
  • Free archiving of all room and product photos (product scans) for new combinations of representation.

Diversity in visualisation

  • Natural-looking depictions of floor, wall and ceiling coverings as well as furniture surface materials.
  • Cost-efficient visualisation of entire room scenarios.
  • Sharp structural focus and detail precision of product surfaces.
  • Adjustment of light and shadow as well as colour temperature.
  • Realistic rendering of 3D surface structures.
  • Perfect representation of the diverse installations of floor covering (including designer flooring products).
  • Free selection of perspective as well as camera position and light placement for surface photos.
  • Light reflections for bevels follow the path of light.
  • Subsequent optimization of plank distribution and joints.

Application areas

  • Diverse uses of the generated ambiance and surface photos for the production of brochures, collection folders or advertising materials for trade fairs, etc.
  • Efficient usage of product visualisations for digital marketing activities.
  • Effortless use of the processed room and product photos in ESIGN web applications.
  • Effective provision of product catalogs for dealers/installers or architects.
  • Media-neutral archiving of ambiance and surface photos.
  • Provision of new room photos for the flooring industry via our platform



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