Interiormarket offers you the four cornerstones for successfully marketing your interiors products: (1) Digitalisation, (2) Visualisation, (3) Configuration and (4) Product Information Management (PIM). Design your multi-channel marketing flexibly and cost-effectively using a central database.

The complete marketing solution for interior products

 Interior products cannot be marketed without product presentations. This easy formula summarises a number of elaborate and complex processes. Whether it be creating product photos, developing presentations for the various marketing channels, and organising the data management of thousands of product and media data sets, any delay in compilation and workflow will significantly increase costs.

Interiormarket is an industry-specific, modular marketing solution for simplifying and automating data-based marketing activities throughout the marketing chain. From cost-effective product visualisation, to interactive web configurators, to PIM/DAM systems, Interior Market offers customised products and services for your successful multi-channel marketing.

Professional product scans as the data basis for digital and classic product visualisations.

Using the product photos to create new, printable area and atmospheric photos without the need for costly, time-consuming photographer and setup work.

Interactive product configurators for customer-oriented product presentation on the Internet, at the POS and on tablets.

Central organisation, intelligent linking and efficient distribution of product and media data.

Product digitalisation

Product visualisation

Product information management

Product configuration

What can Interiormarket offer your marketing?

The                  product and service areas of Interiormarket

High-end scan service for product scans up to 2350 mm x 1350 mm, on a scale of 1:1. The product scans form the data basis for further ESIGN solutions for all kinds of digital applications and print products.

Fast, cost-effective photo rendering service displaying the product photos based on area with no room theme, or in room photos. The renderings are high-resolution, and suitable for all areas of application.

Room-based product visualisation

Create professional product photos

Flexible web applications for the Internet, POS
and tablet, with a number of expansion modules
for online-shop integration, presentation, and communication with customers and partners.

Interactive product configurators

A PIM/DAM system to efficiently re-use your digital data in all relevant marketing channels. All classic and digital marketing and sales activities are quickly supplied with the suitable, necessary product information from a central database.

Efficient product and media data management


Automating and optimising multi-channel marketing

  • Build a consistent workflow from product digitalisation, to media-neutral product presentations, to intelligent management of your product and media data.
  • Control your data-related marketing activities from a central database, and automate the marketing content compilation process for brochures, flyers, price lists, technical specifications, websites, CMS systems and much more.
  • Use the same product data for room-based product presentations in web configurators.
  • Efficiently involve staff at other locations, external partners and customers in the workflow.
  • Simplify the product search and decision-making process on the Internet and at the POS, and present your product range intuitively.

Interiormarket - In use successfully worldwide

Over 600 manufacturers, DIY stores, trade co-operatives, wholesalers and specialist retailers


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