Interiorstudio offers a number of functional modules you can use to adjust the web application to your personal requirements, and link to external systems.

Central Web Application (CWA)

Use one Centralized Web Application to generate any
number of dealer- or brand-specific versions

The CWA module enables your Interiorstudio to support multiple clients. Based on your Centralized Web Application, the colors of the user interface and the GUI elements can be adjusted for each client version, corporate or brand logos can be inserted, and product assortments and photo galleries can be specified.

This way, many areas of your Interiorstudio can be customized in a dealer- and brand-specific manner and opened via the desired URL. Modifications to product assortments in your Centralized Web Application are automatically adopted in all client versions.

Customer communication, analysis
and service modules

Google Analytics
The module analyses user behaviour in Interiorstudio, and forwards the data to Google Analytics. Individual specifications can be added based on the API.

Direct Link
The Direct Link module allows a direct link of product-specific information between your Web application and your websites, thereby closing the gap between product presentation and additional information.

Full Text Item Search
The Full Text Item Search is an indispensable tool for comprehensive product assortments to create filters and product lists via key words, item numbers, etc. and across product groups.

Product Versions
The module combines all product versions of an item exactly as it is indicated in your catalogs and price lists. Whether it’s different dimensions or chamfer versions: With one mouse click, users visualize this diversity directly in the room photo, thereby representing the effects of different versions in a matter of seconds.

Social Media
Today, what Internet users like is intuitively shared with friends – pictures included.
The Social Media module uses to expand Interiorstudio and offers users the option
of sharing the current product/room combination with their friends.

Whether it be customer feedback, product requests or surveys, forms provide a number of ways of contacting potential customers, or intensifying contact with existing customers. The form module enables all kinds of forms to be integrated.

CAD service
The CAD Service is suitable for professional users such as architects, interior designers, etc. who wish to transfer the selected floor covering in the form of an installed surface directly into a CAD project or a 3-D application. Upon product selection, the
user enters the dimensions (length and width) of the floor covering surface to be installed, selects the suitable 3-D format and downloads the installed floor/wall surface as a 3-D file.

Design Installation

Presenting complex design
installation patterns in room photos

For floor coverings or ceramic tile, Interiorstudio offers a large variety of installation patterns by default, which can be expanded via the Design Installation Module. Installation patterns can be composed of any number of different products. After selecting the installation pattern, only those products/colors that can be combined with each other will be displayed automatically. Each product within a given installation pattern can be individually selected by the user as part of the combination logic. The results are immediately visible in the room photo.


Presentation expansions

Enabling product comparisons and
changes of perspective

Split View
The Split View module (divided room views) provides users with the opportunity to split a room photo into two sections and to present different products in each. The separation line can be moved to the right or left by pressing the mouse button or a dragging motion on touchpads and touch screens. The effect of the differently configured sections of the room photo is immediately visible, thereby enabling a direct product comparison.


The zoom-in function allows a high-resolution product representation that goes far beyond screen resolution (e.g. with a resolution of 3200 x 1800 PX). Product specifics such as surface structures, bevels, etc. can be emphasized and presented in detail to the customer.

Perspectiv Zoom
For room scenarios with many product configurations or to highlight special product details and combinations, the Perspective Zoom module allows the placement of additional detail views in the room photo. For the Perspective Zoom, the selected product or product combination is represented from different perspectives or in different lighting situations and displayed separately in a new window.

E-commerce modules

Online-shop integration, linking item-based
area calculations and accessories

Online-shop integration
From the product search and visualisation to the order in just a few mouse clicks.

Calculate material quantity and accessories for floors and walls based on area.


Show product-based accessories for the current selection.


List of current product selections with illustrated description and matching accessories.

Area-based quantity and price calculation for each selected product, and price display.

Product selection and calculation applied to the online shop. Conversely, the product from the online shop can be viewed in Interiorstudio.

Visible linking to item list and quantity calculation during product configuration.

Optional displaying of matching accessories.

Save and print out item list for on-site purchases.

More information about
the additional modules

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