A marketing tool for the Internet, POS and mobile end devices: With Interior Studio, you can present your interiors products effectively in a natural room setting, and efficiently control activities in all digital marketing channels.

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Configure and present floor, wall, ceiling and furniture surfaces in room photos

Offering natural product presentation in room photos, intuitive product selection, and a competent customer advisory service using style guides, Interior Studio
leads your customers to their desired product with an assured sense of style.
More than 80 manufacturers worldwide successfully use Interior Studio for their marketing and sales.

           Intuitive product selec-
           tion by colour scheme

          Smart Direct Object

          CI-compliant user

Clicking on the floor or wall brings up a list of the suitable surface materials. You can replace these in the room with the click of a mouse, and combine various products in the configurable areas.

Offer your customer an intuitive product selection option using a colour slider until the displayed product range matches the individual styles. Your benefit: You can use your design expertise, and determine the style-related colour schemes beforehand.

Easy user prompting, customised layout, seamless integration into your websites, flexible presentation of your product range are just some of the many adjustable modules and layout components available to simplify the process of designing your personalised user interface.

          Smart product

          Customer advisory service
          using style guides

          Re-usable product

The style guide allows you to define stylistic specifications for material or colour combinations. Determine which surface materials can be combined with which colour or other material types on the style sheet.

Automatically show users which accessories and alternative products you offer for their current selection. When integrated into your online shop system, end customers can choose all products interactively in the room photos, and place their orders directly.

Interiorstudio uses your scanned product photos and rendered gallery photos efficiently – a worthwhile way of reusing your media data.

Interiorstudio customer examples

The toolbox for perfect presentations

From the room-photo gallery, to the smart product selection for each room surface, to product datasheet print-outs, Interior Studio offers your customers the full range of benefits to intuitively and visually simplify product searches, and speed-up the purchase process.

Room-photo gallery
Room selection using photo galleries of commercial and living areas. The photo galleries can be structured according to stylistics specifications.

Product selection
Area and product-based product-range presentation. Product selection can be filtered and restricted using colour preferences, material, price and many other variables.

Laying options
Change the laying patterns and angles. In the case of complex laying patterns, Interior Studio allows you to combine multiple products in one single pattern.


Favourites list
Save and retrieve product selection in this list.

Full screen view
Open Interiorstudio in full-screen mode. The application automatically adjusts to the image size.

Illustrated product datasheet
Print the current product/room configuration as a PDF datasheet.

Module-based function expansions
Expand Interiorstudio modularly, as needed.

Interieurstudio - Open to many product areas

Thanks to variable, area-based visualisations, Interior Studio provides an intuitive platform for many product areas, such as floors, walls, ceilings, window decorations, door variants, terrace flooring, staircases and entrances, and façades. Share your ideas with us; we’ll work with you to the perfect solution.


Example: Door configurator by Westag, Window decorations by Hometrend, terraces by Triflex

Function expansions for many marketing solutions

Whether it be creating a client-enabled web platform, integration into online shop systems, linking accessories in a product-specific manner, or presenting products in individual customer photos using the easyBo Photo Service, Interiorstudio offers a number of different modules enabling you to combine the functional components in such a way that the application can be adjusted to your specific sales and marketing requirements


Interiorstudio – Your customised digital marketing tool

Interiorstudio offers

  • Platform-independent web technologies (HTML 5 / JavaScript) for use on the Web, at POSs and on mobile end devices (IOS/Android/Windows).
  • Cost-effective compilation and management of the central product catalogue in any language.
  • Seamless web-shop integration incl. material identification.
  • Multilingual versions for international marketing channels (Unicode supported).
  • The option of creating brand and retailer-specific versions using a central product catalogue.
  • Individual layout adjustments to meet your CI specifications.
  • An offline version for worldwide distribution.

We will gladly advise you in detail
on your individual options.


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