Use the benefits offered by our PIM system, and efficiently control your multi-channel marketing from a central database. Marketingmanager saves considerable time and expenses in the company-wide data workflow.

Marketingmanager (PIM system) - A central database for your multi-channel marketing

Marketingmanager is our combined PIM/DAM solution, enabling central, company-wide access to all product information to ensure all marketing channels can be efficiently supplied with your marketing-related data.

Marketingmanager speeds up and optimises the workflow for compiling and updating marketing and sales-related materials (e.g. price lists, labels, technical product sheets, brochures etc.), and automates the process for providing relevant product information for structured distribution to the various marketing channels.

          Time to market

          Data workflow

          Central database

Marketingmanager saves considerable time and expense in the company-wide data workflow between staff, departments and branches, and to customers and external partners.

Marketingmanager has a number of different tools to organise product information based on item and range, automate marketing material compilation, and distribute the data to all authorised staff and partners worldwide.

Marketingmanager simplifies the process for building a central database, and enables smart, item-based linking of all product and media data. Time-consuming searches for product data are no longer required.

          PIM and DAM in one


          Open PIM system

Marketingmanager uses smart templates which, as experience has shown, cover 80% of industry-specific requirements, e.g. customer-specific ranges, 1:1 relationships for decorations and several items.

Marketingmanager combines all the benefits of a PIM and DAM system. In conjunction with the Web Media Client, you can quickly build a web-based image portal for automated data distribution. Media data can be converted into many formats and colour profiles, and released for download.

MarketingManager provides central access to all assets at the company, regardless of the data’s storage location. Large, existing data sets do not have to be overridden into a closed system, allowing the optimised processes to be implemented gradually.

Facts on data management

35% of all media information is not found during a data search, if no data management system is used. Employees spend up to six hours a week on data management tasks*.

*Representative survey by the GISTICS market research institute

Important features at a glance

„Many customer inquiries can be directly answered through the Web Media Client of Marketingmanager. Employees can focus
more on their actual job responsibilities than before.“

Hr. Schäper, Wineo

Questions regarding Marketingmanager

Native Marketingmanager clients for Windows and Mac.
Web-based client for other operating systems.

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