Marketingmanager sprint:  One package, one price, one month. The innovative PIM package for medium-sized companies simplifies and automates your data-supported marketing. From one centralized data basis, you supply all marketing channels with the latest product information at all times.

Your efficient data hub in 31 days

Marketingmanager simplifies and automates your data-supported marketing by allowing you to supply all marketing channels from a centralized data basis.

Our industry-specific PIM/DAM system represents the control center in this respect,

  • In order to accelerate marketing-relevant processes by and between manufacturers, wholesalers and specialized retailers with product information in an automated manner; and
  • In order to supply all publication channels automatically with product information.
  • Centralized access to all assets within the company. Regardless of where they are physically stored.
  • All important import filters for data integration are already included.
  • An automated reconciliation with data from ERP and merchandise management systems can easily be performed.
  • Centralized knowledge database with access to all linked information.
  • Efficient administration of large amounts of data.


Data linked intelligently and generating views

  • Organizing product information according to merchandise and product groups and generating current data views.
  • Visualizing relationships between the data and combining them with each other.
  • Choose between various windows and detail views.
  • Automatic synchronization of data inventories.
  • Individualized entry masks for quick data capture when it cannot be automated.
  • A search in Marketingmanager always provides current data at the push of a button, thereby optimizing work processes in each company.

Data collected efficiently and combined in the central data basis

Data consolidated and enriched

  • The system is automatically enriched with information based on the connection of different data.
  • Missing data and information gaps are automatically completed.
  • Sets of rules and scripts automatically safeguard data quality with a zero-error tolerance.
  • Identifying duplicate data and assigning information from reference inventories.
  • Logging of data usage, data version and time of modification.

Data distributed flexibly

  • Approval process and data versioning prior to data dissemination.
  • Direct image processing and conversion with continuous control of existing image rights.
  • Web-based DAM system for the automatic and target group-oriented distribution of product information.
  • Modules for Office and DTP software for the data-supported automated document production.
  • Modules for Web CMS and e-Commerce systems for automatic content generation and updating.
  • Efficient user administration with individual set-up of access privileges.

The Marketingmanager sprint packages

Adjusted to the workflows of manufacturers and retailers, we have versioned our sprint packages. Both versions offer an all-round service for the introduction of your PIM system.


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